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Traditional hearing tests look at basic auditory function of the hearing mechanism to determine if you can hear sounds at a normal volume and if you can repeat words in a quiet setting.  Auditory processing evaluations go beyond the ear to determine what the brain is doing with sound after it's heard.  We use a unique set of tests to determine what specific auditory processing difficulties a person is having, so that we can make recommendations to help remediate the problems.  These evaluations can be done in-person or conveniently via Telehealth.

APD Evaluations

Auditory Therapy

Auditory Therapy is designed on an individual basis to improve hearing abilities based on the deficits identified during evaluation and difficulties the patient has reported in daily life.  At The Hearing Hub we are trained in the Buffalo Model of Auditory Training and Aural Rehabilitation for Interaural Asymmetry (ARIA).  We will also make recommendations for specialized accommodations, hearing devices, iPad applications, computerized training, etc.  Anyone having trouble understanding speech may be a candidate for auditory therapy;  it is not limited to people that have normal hearing sensitivity.  Hearing aid users, cochlear implant users or other hearing device users may greatly benefit from auditory training.

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